Madam Koh

About Her

Madam Koh is a mother of two who is passionate at serving mothers tasty yet nutritious confinement meals. Since 2007, she worked as child caregiver in KL, Johor Bahru and Melaka. Hence she has experienced handling different kinds of children and baby. She then started freelance confinement nanny at 2010.

Background Details

Spoken language Mandarin, Hokkien, Malay, English, Cantonese
Marital Status Married
Experience Level 7 years
Professional cert
& qualification

Postnatal care service

Postnatal care method Traditional Chinese Confinement
Confinement Type Stay in Only
Duration 28 days (Extendable but charges will apply)

Job Duties


♥  Prepares daily confinement meals (Breakfast, lunch, dinner) 准备月子餐
♥  Prepares herbal bathwater 准备中药洗澡水
♥  Breastfeeding guidance 母乳喂养指导
♥  Basic postpartum depression counselling


♥  Monitor baby’s activity and sleeping 看护宝宝的早晚活动
♥  Help in feeding and burping baby 帮宝宝打嗝
♥  Bathing and take care of baby’s hygiene 帮宝宝冲凉,照顾卫生
♥  Monitor baby’s overall safety 看护宝宝的安全
♥ Jaundice level monitoring 监控宝宝黄疸症状


♥  Basic laundry for mother and baby (washing machine only)
♥  Cleaning up dishes for mother
♥  Keeping house tidy and sweeping floor (Every 2 days and during free time only)

Price Packages

Malaysia Package RM 5000

♦ Red packet is excluded from stated price.

Service area


Terms and Conditions

♦ Does not accept service that requires stay-in in double storey houses.
♦ Prioritizes in taking care of newborn and mother only. Any additional house chores will be out of her free will.
♦ Living accommodation and daily meal expenses must be provided by the customer.
♦ Return transportation fees to customer’s home are excluded from package prices and to be borne by customer.
♦ Madam Koh will be expecting to receive a grant of red packet from client at the beginning of her service (depending on client) and also at the end of her service (minimum amount required).

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