As you prepare and plan for your baby’s arrival, the journey may not be smooth sailing at all times so we hope that we can help you through.


Search and Compare

We strive to provide transparency of the background details, experience level and the services provided by each personnel and make them readily available for you. To allow parents to make informed decisions on choosing who to take care of the mother and handle their dear newborn, we let previous mom users to submit ratings and genuine testimonials so that you can have a grasp of how well a particular service providers has performed previously.

Just choose from our huge selection of postnatal care providers that suits to you own needs. No more timing consuming and aimless searches.

Facilitate Bookings

After you have picked your service provider, check their availability using our availability calendar to see if they matches yours. Then, you are all set to send your booking request with just a click. But be sure to fill in the required information as they are necessary for the service providers to understand your needs and to accept your booking request. We will get back to you as soon as the service provider responds to your request.

Secure Payments

Been worrying about placing deposit to a stranger that you have never ever met? There are many families that have experienced irresponsible postnatal service providers who excuse themselves in the last minute with unacceptable reasons. Some do not get their deposits returned at all as the person becomes uncontactable. All the horrible stories yet you have no choice but to take such huge risk so that things can be taken care of when your baby arrives.

Here at Babyz Breath, we act as a third party who minimizes this risk as not only have we curated the service providers on board, we hold partial of your booking deposits and only disburse the balance payment to them only after they attend to your service.

Installment Options

Other than the conveniences of making payment online via local bank transfer or your credit card, we have flexible payment options to make it easy and affordable to get yourself the care and comfort that you deserve. Exclusively for credit card holders from selected banks only.

Just give us a call if you would like to opt for our 0% Interest Installment Payment Plan (IPP) using your credit card.

Terms and conditions apply.

Customer Support

Feel free to connect with us if you feel the need to clarify your doubts or if you have any further requests. We will be more than happy to hear from you. Contact Us.